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The American Baseball League is comprised of 30+ year old men who, when given the opportunity, slip away from work, the wife and children to play simulated baseball.  The ABL plays the basic board version of the APBA baseball game.

The American Baseball League does not generate income from the use of the teams names, logos or this website.  It's sole source of income is from dues paid by the participants in the League.

The American Baseball League owns the rights to the information and data presented on this website.  This information may not be re-produced without the expressed written consent of the American Baseball League.

The American Baseball League and its participants do not intend to offend or dishonor any organization who has trademarked or copyrighted team names, logos, presentation or deviations thereof contained on this website.  In fact, the participants are either fans of the organizations depicted or appreciate the design, color scheme or format.  Any organization, who owns a trademark or copyright to names, logos and presentation similar to those depicted on this organization, who finds this site in violation of trademark or copyright laws, or offensive to the nature of the trademarked/copyrighted images, should simply notify the American Baseball League of such infractions.  The American Baseball League will remove any questionable material upon notice.  Legal action is not required.

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